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Resident Frequently
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regarding our property management and real estate investment solutions.

Yes, but every roommate needs to get approval. You can do this using a rental application form. After filling out the form, pay the application fee, and wait for the screening results. Skipping any of these steps violates the lease and could lead to termination. Contact your property manager to commence this process.

No. If you need to change your locks, submit a request to your property manager. We’ll dispatch our locksmith and charge the invoice back to your account.

If we need to enter the property, we’ll notify you beforehand. There are many possible reasons for the entrance of managers or staff. For example, landlords may enter the home for emergency repairs. Also, they might allow insurance agents or inspectors to enter the property. Regular maintenance is preferably carried out when you aren’t away from home.

We require all residents to maintain liability coverage, but personal property coverage is optional.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply. If you’re 18+ years old, please click here to submit your application online.

Call the number on the listing directly or click here to contact us through the contact page. After receiving a request, we’ll quickly organize a property viewing. Our goal is to make sure you’ll find your dream home.

You may apply, but we require all applicants (or an appointed representative) to view the home before signing a lease agreement.

We aren’t able to waive any late rent fees. Our late charge policy complies with Fair Housing Laws. That means we have to treat all residents equally.

Proactive communication with your property manager is critical during these situations. Ultimately, if you cannot make payment, you should return possession of the home to avoid legal ramifications.

We give the tenant a 7 day notice 2. We file with the courts 3. We appear in court 4. We find new tenants. We also do whatever we can to mitigate this risk by having a comprehensive screening process for leasing.

We require a security deposit of one month’s rent to be paid in full. We reserve the right to charge an additional one-half month’s rent as an additional deposit.

Emergencies threaten human lives and/or cause property damage. For example, an uncontained water leak inside the home or an inoperable A/C unit during the hot summer months is considered an emergency. If you’re experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

The pet policy depends on the terms in each specific lease agreement. Landlord and property manager must approve all pets in writing.

Your rent is due on the first day of every month. If rent is not received by the fifth of the month, it’s considered late. We offer a variety of payment options. Pay online. Use Resident Login to view your account balance and pay your rent. Mail the rent directly to our office. Please indicate your address and unit number on the money order memo. Use PayNearMe to pay at Retail Cash Payments. Bank automation. ***Please note that cash payments aren’t accepted due to security reasons.

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